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Liberia Must Confront Its Past if it Wants a Brighter Future

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, chosen president of Liberia last month in the country’s first free polling in its 183-year history, is the first woman elected to a presidency in Africa.

The choice of Ms. Johnson-Sirleaf is a remarkable breakthrough in a historically patriarchal society where women largely have been kept at the periphery in politics. She explicitly campaigned on her gender, and many of her supporters wore T-shirts that proclaimed, “All the men have failed Liberia; let’s try a woman this time.” It was a none-too-subtle reminder of the failure of men who have led the country into nearly two decades of authoritarian rule and civil strife from which it is only now emerging.

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Dr. Jeremy Levitt

Dr. Levitt is Distinguished Professor of International Law at Florida A&M University (FAMU) College of Law in Orlando, Florida. He is a contributor to multiple media outlets and is available for interviews and expert commentary, as requested.

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